Marco Gresnigt

Marco Gresnigt graduated cum laude from the University of Groningen in 2005. In January 2012, he received his doctorate in adhesive attachment of facings.

At the University Medical Center Groningen, he is head of restorative dentistry and biomaterials. He also conducts research in the field of restorative/adhesive dentistry and teaches aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry. Several PhD students are supervised by him and he publishes in peer reviewed international journals (>60 peer reviewed, h-factor 25).

Marco also works at the center for special dentistry in the Martini Hospital Groningen. There he performs restorative and aesthetic treatments using a surgical microscope.

Marco lectures and teaches internationally in the field of aesthetic and adhesive dentistry. Both in the field of clinical treatments and research, he has won multiple awards including the prestigious EAED Presentation Award, International Smile award and LiSi World Award. Marco is the current president of BeNeLux chapter of the international Bio-Emulation group and honorary ambassador of SlowDentistry.



> 60 articles, h factor 25


  • Cavex thesis price 2005
  • Boering Price 2005
  • Second Price World Expertise Award 2011
  • NVGPT Publication price 2013
  • World Smile Award Europe, Middle East,
    Africa 2016
  • European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Innovation Award 2nd place 2016
  • GC LiSi World Clinical Case Award 2019

The mission and vision of Marco

Marco sees it as his mission to help as many people as possible achieve the healthiest and most beautiful teeth possible. On the one hand by carrying out treatments themselves, on the other hand by training students and and other professionals retrain.

Healthy teeth are essential to human well-being. When talking and chewing food, the teeth play an important role. But appearance is also important for your profession and when socializing. Everyone wants to be able to smile freely, right? Being able to make a difference for many people by doing scientific research, sharing knowledge and, of course, performing special treatments is Marco’s vision.

From Marco’s mission and vision, Summit Dentistry provides research, education and treatments that are distinguished by sustainability, accessibility, service and quality. We collaborate with several colleagues from our field including orthodontists, dental technicians, specialized dentists and surgeons. Summit also values the society around her. As part of corporate social responsibility, Summit sponsors a number of projects. Conversely, other organizations are again involved in Summit Dentistry.


  • President of BeNeLux section of the international Bio-Emulation group
  • Former president of the international Bio-Emulation group
  • Honorary ambassador of SlowDentistry
  • Member of AAD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)
  • Member of KNMT (professional organization of dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons in the Netherlands)
  • Member of the NVVRT (Dutch society for restorative dentistry)
  • Member of the NVGPT (Dutch Society for Gnatology and Prosthetic Dentistry)


Marco strives for the highest quality of care. To hear from his patients about their experiences is very valuable to him. Are there areas for improvement? Tells during your treatment process. This is how we achieve the best results together.

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