is our greatest strength. We love to restore your teeth so you can enjoy your bright smile again without worry!


Perfection in comfort, hygiene and top treatments. We make your visit as pleasant as possible with comfortable chairs, optimal hygiene and a practitioner who really takes time for you. In all treatments, we use a microscope which allows us to pay attention to the smallest details.


Quality, the aesthetic results under the heading of treatments speak for themselves, but what is really special is that by doing innovative and practice-oriented scientific research we can prove that our restorations are also very durable.

Expertise and treatments

Summit Dentistry is a slowdentistry® global ambassador, which means that we maximize our commitment to patient comfort, hygiene and taking the time to perform all steps and treatments optimally. We are also affiliated with the globally known Bio-Emulation group. With that, we apply the principles of damaging teeth to a minimum and achieving very beautiful and natural results. As such, we are experts in: porcelain veneers, composite restorations, porcelain partial crowns and comprehensive complex dental renovations.

Masterclasses from Marco Gresnigt

Summit Dentistry offers a wide range of Master Classes that allow you to broaden and deepen your knowledge and skills. The Master Classes are suitable for dentists and dental specialists and have an approachable learning environment.

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