Summit Dentistry is committed to excellence within dental care. We offer our patients plenty of time and personal attention (SLOWdentistry) to achieve a durable, functional and aesthetic end result.

At Summit Dentistry, we are constantly engaged in continuing education and also do a lot of scientific research. This way we are always up to date with the latest developments.

Below are examples of treatments performed by Summit Dentistry. In aesthetic dentistry, it is not about right or wrong but about

What you like!

We specialize in creating “natural” teeth that are barely distinguishable from “real” teeth (Bio-Emulation). An important aspect of this is the long-term preservation of your teeth. Hence, we proceed minimally invasively (with a microscope). We work in a structured way, take lots of light shots and only work with the very best specialists.

Good oral health for  healthy and strong teeth. 

White and radiant teeth. Who wouldn’t want that? View our  bleach treatments.

Composite among others for filling cavities in teeth.

A beautiful and natural look by veneers. Our specialization.

Damage but no crown yet? An inlay or onlay may be a solution. 

A crown to preserve your tooth. Thereby working minimally invasive.

Implants not an option for trauma and inflamed roots? Then an autotransplant. 

When several teeth or molars are missing then  we place a bridge.

Rehabilitation is an umbrella term for various interventions.

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