Summit Dentistry is committed to excellence within dental care. We offer our patients plenty of time and personal attention (SLOWdentistry) to achieve a durable, functional and aesthetic end result.

At Summit Dentistry, we are constantly engaged in continuing education and also do a lot of scientific research. This way we are always up to date with the latest developments.

Below are examples of treatments performed by Summit Dentistry. In aesthetic dentistry, it is not about right or wrong but about

What you like!

We specialize in creating “natural” teeth that are barely distinguishable from “real” teeth (Bio-Emulation). An important aspect of this is the long-term preservation of your teeth. Hence, we proceed minimally invasively (with a microscope). We work in a structured way, take lots of light shots and only work with the very best specialists.

With good oral health, you keep your teeth healthy, strong and beautiful. We place great value on good oral hygiene because it is the determining factor in achieving an excellent end result. In addition, you can prevent caries (cavities) and gum disease yourself. Not only is it important to have the condition of your mouth monitored by the dentist, but here we also explain the best way to do the care yourself.

White and radiant teeth. Who wouldn’t want that? Beautiful white teeth are popular and the offer to get them is great. Whitening teeth with bleaching treatments can be done in many cases, but certainly not always. Unsafe bleaching processes can cause damage to your mouth. Are you considering a bleaching treatment? Check out our options.

Composite is used to fill cavities in teeth in permanent dentition. Composite can also be used to repair chipped or worn teeth. Also, discolored teeth or teeth with abnormal shape can be made more beautiful. Composite is also often a solution for an unwanted gap between your front teeth.

Do you have crooked teeth, discolored teeth, or a chipped piece? Veneers offer the solution. A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain placed over the tooth. With one or more veneers, we can whiten discolored teeth and make crooked teeth look straight. We can also use this to fill in crevices and repair broken pieces. We specialize in placing veneers and help you make your teeth more beautiful. The final result feels natural and has a natural look.

Teeth that have been damaged by, for example, cavities but do not need to be replaced with a full crown may receive an inlay or onlay. An inlay is a filling that is shaped exactly to fit into your tooth. So this fills a small area of your tooth, where an onlay lies over the molar, thus filling a slightly larger area.

If, after a tooth is chipped, there is not enough hold to refill it or if a tooth has been refilled too many times then a crown may be a solution. A crown ensures that your tooth is preserved. In doing so, our goal is always to work minimally or non-invasively. This means that we try to grind as little as possible from your own tooth.

An autotransplant is an extensive treatment involving several specialists. We apply this to trauma and inflamed roots where teeth unfortunately cannot be retained and implants are not an option.

When several teeth are missing, we place a bridge. A bridge is a span in which one or more porcelain teeth are placed between two teeth or molars placed. We bond this span to the adjacent teeth. Nowadays, we can make bridges out of porcelain where we take minimal to nothing from the adjacent teeth for bonding.

A rehab is a collective term for various procedures needed to restore your teeth, gums and teeth to their health and beauty.

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