Beautiful white teeth are popular and the offer to get them is great. Whitening teeth with bleaching treatments can be done in many cases, but certainly not always. Unsafe bleaching processes can cause damage to your mouth, teeth and gums.

Bleaching materials such as toothpastes that you can buy at drugstores and beauty salons, for example, contain less than 1 percent hydrogen peroxide. It’s not for nothing. These materials are relatively safe but do not have a long-lasting effect. Bleaching materials with a percentage of hydrogen peroxide of 1 to 6 are not allowed in Europe without professional guidance. Summit uses a bleaching agent that contains up to 6 percent hydrogen peroxide.

Getting your teeth whitened: is it harmful to your teeth?

That is the title of an article in the Algemeen Dagblad of January 10, 2023 in which Marco answers this question. This is thelink to the article.

Interview and treatment with vlogger Jaimi

Vlogger Jiami Jongejan Investigates all about the topic of teeth whitening with The University of the Netherlands. How can you safely whiten your teeth and what different methods are there all? Using science, she tests out the different methods and looks at what works and what doesn’t. Jaimi is mainly concerned with fashion, beauty and lifestyle on her blog and other channels. She runs the YouTube channel Jiami and has many subscribers and followers on Instagram.

Watch the interview with Marco Gresnigt and the bleaching treatment with bit.

Question about grooming

White and bright teeth

Treatments, 2 methods to whiten your teeth

Method 1 with gel and light

You come to the clinic for 1 treatment that takes about 1 hour. The starting point is that your teeth are well maintained. We use a gel with a higher water peroxide content and we smear it on your teeth. We use a lamp to increase the effectiveness. This method is effective but not as good as the following method.

Method 2 with bleaching agents and a bit

If your teeth are well maintained then two appointments are sufficient for this bleaching treatment. At the first visit, we speak to your needs, look at your teeth and discuss the options. Sometimes additional treatments are needed to get the desired results. We measure a bit that is custom made just for you. This is how you can apply bleaches very precisely. At the second visit, you will receive the bit with bleaching materials. In addition, we give you instructions on how to carefully whiten your teeth with your denture and bleaching materials. For 1 to 2 weeks, you will wear the bit with bleaching materials every night. Because the teeth whitening is gradual, you are in control of how white your teeth will be, as white as possible or a slightly lighter shade of white. This method is safe and has a long-lasting effect.

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