Porcelain Veneers

front tooth invisible restoration after accident

Porcelain Veneers

front tooth invisible restoration after accident

Question about grooming

Broken off piece of right front tooth due to accident. Mrs. would like her front tooth to be invisibly restored.


Because the composite on the front tooth kept breaking and discoloring, we chose a durable porcelain facing here.

After we did an intake, a wax was made by the dental technician and the design was tested in the mouth (similar to the neighboring tooth). To make the veneer, we barely cut the tooth (0.1-0.3 millimeters).

We work with special techniques (photographs) so that the color can be determined very precisely. But for the finishing touches, Mrs. went to the dental technician for firing at the chair. See also all the small details of colors and transparency in the facing!
After Mrs. was completely satisfied with the shape and color, the veneer was permanently bonded to her tooth.


  • Dr. Marco Gresnigt
  • Stephan van der Made (technique porcelain veneers)


  • Teeth treated with Aluminum Oxide by Aquacare
  • Preparation done with Komet drill block
  • Adhesive: optibond FL from Kerr
  • Micerium composite for bonding porcelain veneers
  • Partial ceramic restoration of Veldspaat ceramics GC
  • Treatment done with Opmipico Microscoop Zeiss

Smile before and after

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