No gaps between the teeth and more beautiful shapes


No gaps between the teeth and more beautiful shapes

Question about grooming

After treatment at the orthodontist, Mrs. was not satisfied with the shape and the gaps between the teeth.


Because Mrs. wanted her teeth a little lighter too, a bleaching treatment was done first.

With a bit worn at night, all teeth were bleached a few shades lighter. Then, with the help of light photographs and impressions, the teeth were washed up on a plaster model in the correct shape and length. We can then use a special mold (which fits exactly over the plaster model) to build the teeth into the correct shape and length very predictably.

The composite restorations were layered and polished in multiple (4-5) colors per tooth. Working with different colors and applying the right shape and gloss creates the beautiful and natural result.


  • Dr. Marco Gresnigt (composite restorations)


  • Bleaching treatment done with Opalessence
  • Isolation done with Isodam
  • Teeth treated with sandblasting from Aquacare
  • Restorations with composite from 3M ESPE (Filtek Supreme XTE)
  • Treatment with Opmipico Microscope Zeiss

Smile before and after

Do you also want more beautiful teeth and a natural result?

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