Laminate veneers from A to Z

THEORY | LIVE PATIENT TREATMENT SOLITARY RESTAURATIONS Live patient treatment laminate veneers from A to Z A live treatment rehab with laminate veneers that is filmed and shown live. Each time, the different steps are explained theoretically. Masterclass: 2 daysAccreditation: 80 PT Dates:November 22 & December 20, 2024 Location: Icarus Academy, Antwerpen MORE INFORMATION

Solitary Restorations Anno 2024

THEORY | LIVE PATIENT TREATMENT SOLITAIRE RESTAURATIONS ANNO 2023 Solitary Restorations Anno 2024 at Vital and Avital Teeth Two-day course with live treatment. When do we choose a classical crown? When is an adhesive bonded restoration preferred? What is clinically & scientifically relevant? What about avital teeth? Masterclass: 2 daysAccreditation: 80 PT Dates:April 18 &[…]

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