Porcelain bridge

An all-porcelain bridge with porcelain veneers

Porcelain bridge

An all-porcelain bridge with porcelain veneers

Question about grooming

Due to a fall, pieces of the teeth broke off and the right small incisor was lost


A fall caused several pieces of her front teeth to break off. One tooth became damaged to the point that it could not be retained in the long term. Because the composite restorations kept discoloring and chipping, porcelain veneers and an all-porcelain bridge were chosen here.

Because of the limited space and low bone quality, an implant is not the first choice at this site.

After we did an intake, a wax was made and tested in her mouth. Before making the veneers, her own teeth were barely grinded here. For the color determination and fitting in the mouth, Mrs. went to the dental technician.
After Mrs. was completely satisfied with the shape and color, the veneers were permanently bonded to her teeth. Achieving excellent results like the one shown here requires close cooperation between the dental technician and the dentist.


  • Dr. Marco Gresnigt (porcelain bridge)
  • Stephan van der Made (dental technology)


  • Teeth treated with Aluminum Oxide by Aquacare
  • Preparation with Komet drill block
  • Composite for securing the porcelain veneers of Micerium
  • Partial ceramic restoration of lithium disilicate (IPS e.max, Ivoclar Vivadent)
  • Treatment with Opmipico Microscope Zeiss

Smile before and after

Do your composite restorations discolor and break every time after your fall?

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