20220310 Almiro &

Increasing Acid Concentration, Time and Using a Two-Part Silane Potentiates Bond Strength of Lithium Disilicate–Reinforced Glass Ceramic to Resin Composite: An Exploratory Laboratory Study

20220301 Gresnigt &

Restaurations partielles indirectes du secteur antérieur en cas d’exposition de la dentine

20220129 Schepke &

Dimensional changes of CAD/CAM polymer crowns after water aging – An in vitro experiment

20211109 Kuijper &

Clinical performance of direct composite resin versus indirectrestorations on endodontically treated posterior teeth: A systematic review and meta-analysis

20210726 Hofsteenge &

Influence of preparation design and restorative material on fatigue and fracture strength of restored maxillary premolars

20210708 Erp &

Bilayered ceramic anterior restorations with reinforcement of the incisal edge by using lithium disilicate: A multicenter retrospective survival analysis with a maximumof 6-year follow-up

20210629 Kuijper &

Influence of the ceramic translucency on the relative degree of conversion of a direct composite and dual-curing resin cement through lithium disilicate onlays and edocrowns

20210217 Kuijper &

Survival of molar teeth in need of comples endodontic treatment: Influence of the endodontic treatment and quality of the restoration

20210110 Gresnigt &

Partial anterior indirect restorations in cases with dentin exposure

20201104 Gresnigt &

Comparison of conventional ceramic laminate veneers

20201010 Gresnigt &

Bonding of Glass Ceramic and Indirect Composite to Non-aged and Aged Resin Composite

20200707 Breemer &

Prospective clinical evaluation of 765 partial glass-ceramic posterior restorations

20200621 Bresser &

Influence of Deep Margin Elevation

20200606 Hofsteenge &

Effect of immediate dentine sealing on the aging and fracture of lithium inlays and overlays

20200416 Naves &

Seeing is believing ? The replica technique

20200407 Kuijper &

Breuksterkte van directe en indirecte restauraties 

20200305 Hofsteenge &

Influence of dentin wall thickness

20200204 Kuijper &

Cyclic loading and load to failure of lithium disilicate endocrowns

20200129 Navarro &

Prevalence of noncarious cervical lesions among adults

20200102 Gresnigt &

Fracture strength of lithium disilicate cantilever resin bonded fixed dental prosthesis

20191102 Bresser &

Evaluation indirect restorations with deep margin elevation in the posterior region

20191101 Schepke &

Phase transformation and fracture load of stock

20190603 Gresnigt &

Randomized clinical trial on indirect resin laminate veneers

20190417 Gresnigt &

Performance of ceramic laminate veneers with immediate dentine sealing

20190401 Kuijper &

Shear bond strength of two composite resin cements

20190401 Breemer &

Adhesion to resin cement to dentin effects

20190206 Breemer &

Lithium disilicate posterior partial restorations

20180807 Breemer &

Effect of Immediate Dentin Sealing and Surface Conditioning

20180724 Kuijper &

Fracture Strength of varios types of large direct composite and indirect glass ceramic restorations

20180612 Carvalho &

Restoring endotreated teeth

20170916 Gresnigt &

Effect of luting agent on fatigue and fracture strength of laminate veneers

20170701 Gresnigt &

Crack repair

20170408 Breemer &

Effect of immediate dentin sealing on the fracture strength

20160401 Patil &

Esthetic Evaluation of Anterior Single Tooth Implants

20160301 Stroosnijder &

Accuracy of torque wrenches

20160209 Gresnigt &

Fracture strength

20160115 Gresnigt &

Effect of immediate and dentin sealing

20150423 Breemer &

Cementation of Indirect Restorations Posterior

20120721 Gresnigt &

PLV’s over existing restorations

20120710 Gresnigt &

RCT resin composite veneer

20120525 Gresnigt &

RCT direct laminate veneers

20110901 Gresnigt &

Case Laminate Veneers EJED

20110606 Gresnigt &

Esthetic Rehabilitation of Anterior Teeth with Porcelain Laminates and Sectional Veneers

20110101 Gresnigt &

Effect of static and cyclic loading on ceramic laminates veneers

20070101 Gresnigt &

Fibers in adhesive interface laminate veneers

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